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Who are you meant to be?

As you can tell by my biz name, I am all about authenticity and being real. I think there is so much value in real feelings and sharing real experiences and thoughts. Real isn't always pretty. Real is..... real.

I have had a bad case of the bummers this week. The soda shop ran out of 44 oz cups. 🥤 One kid lied to me. One kid has decided screaming is her favorite form of communication. 📢 I felt like I didn't perform well in class. The gym I teach dance cardio at got closed down again. 👟 Covid feels like it's just looming. The country is going crazy. I can name a billion reasons to have a pity party for myself.

I came across this quote yesterday and it won't just let me pity and wallow anymore. "Rise up and become the person you were meant to be."

I was not meant to be this gloomy lump that I have chosen to be this week. I was not meant to be a so-so Mom and a meh person.

I was meant to be so much more than I have chosen to be this week. It is time for me to rise up! I AM a rock star! I AM an amazing Mom! I AM a killer life coach! I AM fierce and 100% lovable! I AM making a difference! I have something in me that the world needs! And guess what.... YOU TOO!!

Choosing to keep ourselves down is a disservice to ourselves and to the world. WE NEED YOU! YOU HAVE SOMETHING THAT THE WORLD YEARNS FOR.

It's time to rise up. You are not small. Be the person you were meant to be.

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