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Are you turning a chihuahua into a Chewbacca?

Just about a year ago my Mom was bitten on the leg by a chihuahua. Junie (my then 2 yr old) talked about it for months. One day she saw a cup with Chewbacca on it. She pointed at Chewy, looked up at me with big, wide eyes and quietly said, "A chewawa bit Grandma Lori's leg." 😂😂😂

No wonder she had been so stressed out about it for so long!! Can you imagine what she was picturing!?

Perspective is everything! Sometimes we have seemingly big scary Chewbaccas that we face in our lives.

If we can remind ourselves that fear is only a thought that we are choosing and turn those Chewbaccas into chihuahuas, they seem a lot less scary! It's all in the thoughts we choose to think!!

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