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Mustering Moxie: Life Lessons of a Hot Mess

Life is hard.  Life is crazy.  Life is amazing.

Kaitlyn recounts the toughest and weirdest life lessons she has learned through traversing her path of marriage, infertility, adoption, and so much more.  She pulls you into her world of love, crazy humanness, and just plain real life. 

Be ready to chuckle, tear up, and puzzle at Kaitlyn's take on how our brains work and how she chooses to do this thing called life.  She has laid her hardest life lessons out there for everyone to see in an amusing and touching style of just hanging out and chatting.

Maybe you will see another perspective and learn from her mostly unwelcome life lessons.  Maybe you will be reminded that you are brave and amazing enough to do your own thing and light up the world with your truth.    Happy reading!

Mustering Moxie: About Me
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